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Mission Statement

It Is our mission at Cork & Crate to create the most enjoyable wine experience possible. We endeavor to finely curate the most interesting and intriguing wines from around the world on our shelves and in our tasting room.

When Chris and Kendra visited different stores carrying wine they had the feeling of being overwhelmed by the sheer volume of choices presented to them. With this in mind, it is our goal to present wine to our Cork & Crate Sippers in a fashion not to overburden one’s senses by presenting too many choices of the same varietal.

It is also our mission to present wine in the best atmosphere as possible to maximize the experience of our Cork & Crate Sippers. We do not believe wine is to be just consumed (drunk or porch pounded), but rather “experienced.” To drink wine and truly enjoy the moment of the experience, one must take time to observe the origination of the grape, taste the art of the winemaker and the preservation of the moment in time the grape was harvested. With all of these elements in mind, our Cork & Crate Sippers will be guided on an inspiring tour of wine from around the world and experience the emotional accompaniment of a great wine.

Our Cork & Crate Sippers are encouraged to take part in our twice monthly Friday night tasting events. These events are usually led by Chris and are curated wines that Chris and Kendra have tasted over the past several weeks. The events are used to help keep track of the palate of the neighborhood, allow our Sippers to taste different wines to compare and grow their knowledge of wines from around the world, and determine what inventory of wines will be found on our shelves.

The best part of Cork & Crate is that everyone is invited to rent our Private Tasting Room for executive meetings, financial meetings, and most importantly birthday parties! These events allow Cork & Crate to create the atmosphere for the best wine tasting experience. We also offer the experience of traveling to off-site locations to create the perfect atmosphere of tasting wine with your group of friends and family.

Lastly, Cork & Crate endeavors to create the perfect wine travel experience with your and your travel companions to best wine locales on the planet. It will be our pleasure to guide you to the best places of wine, vine, and leisure. We look forward to the best wine experiences and living our best lives together!
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